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Kutztown SBDC: Conduct a Marketing Analysis

Conduct a Marketing Analysis

Every business must know its customers inside and out before opening its doors or launching a new product. Those the conduct a thorough marketing analysis first not only gain knowledge of their potential market's wants or needs, but also learn whether or not the is "room" in the marketplace for a new concept. This comprehensive workshop will show you how to create a marketing analysis for your business.

Before you start...

Just like any course, there are many sections to our curriculum. Don't try to do it all at once. Instead, do it a little at a time as if you were attending individual classes for a given course. For instance, try to complete three to four sections at a time. Allowing approximately 30-40 minutes per session, this course will be completed in 2 sessions.

Most importantly, if you need help or assistance the key is to just ask. There is more free help and assistance available through local Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and SCORE Centers.

These courses are provided free of charge. However, we ask that once you have completed the course you complete a short survey. This will allow us to report the overall performance of the course as is required by law. Click here to begin this survey. If you do not complete this survey within a week, we will send you a reminder.

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